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'Handmade Style' by Anna Graham'Handmade Style' by Anna Graham
'How To Sew Clothes' by Amelia Greenhall and Amy Bornman'How To Sew Clothes' by Amelia Greenhall and Amy Bornman
'Sew It Yourself With DIY Daisy' by Daisy Braid
Metal Zipper The Gingham Studio
48 Patch Pouch  - PDF Pattern48 Patch Pouch  - PDF Pattern
48 Patch Pouch . Printed Pattern . $16.0048 Patch Pouch . Printed Pattern . $16.00
48 Patch Pouch Bundle . $25.0048 Patch Pouch Bundle . $25.00
Abelia Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metreAbelia Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metre
Save $2.50Ada European Linen Small Stripe The Gingham StudioAda 100% European Linen Sky Small Stripe . Now $34/m
Alenna Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metreAlenna Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metre
Alexis Twist Linen Azure . $38.00/metreAlexis Twist Linen Azure . $38.00/metre
Alexis Twist Linen Snow . $38.00/metreAlexis Twist Linen Snow . $38.00/metre
Alexis Twist Linen Storm . $38.00/metreAlexis Twist Linen Storm . $38.00/metre
Ascot Blush Plaid . $25.00/metreAscot Blush Plaid . $25.00/metre
Ascot Magenta Plaid. $25.00/metreAscot Magenta Plaid. $25.00/metre
Ascot Olive Plaid . $25.00/metreAscot Olive Plaid . $25.00/metre
Beginner Sewing BundleBeginner Sewing Bundle
Bianca Block Eyelet Cotton . $25/metreBianca Block Eyelet Cotton . $25/metre
Bianca Daisy Chain Embroidered Cotton Voile . $22.00/metreBianca Daisy Chain Embroidered Cotton Voile . $22.00/metre
Bianca Dotty Eyelet Cotton . $23.00/metreBianca Dotty Eyelet Cotton . $23.00/metre
Bianca Fantail Embroidered Cotton Voile . $24.00/metreBianca Fantail Embroidered Cotton Voile . $24.00/metre
Bianca Starlight Embroidered Cotton Voile . $24.00/metreBianca Starlight Embroidered Cotton Voile . $24.00/metre
Birch 12mm Ribbed Elastic . $2.10 metre
Birch 25mm Ribbed Elastic . $3.00 metre
Birch 300mm Tape Measure
Birch 300mm Tape Measure Sale price$2.95 AUD
Birch 38mm Ribbed Elastic . $6.50 metre
Birch 50mm Loomed ElasticBirch 50mm Loomed Elastic
Birch 50mm Loomed Elastic Sale price$7.25 AUD
Birch 9mm Knitted Elastic . $1.00 metre
Birch Bobbin Box
Birch Bobbin Box Sale price$14.90 AUD
Birch Knicker 10mm Elastic . 3 metresBirch Knicker 10mm Elastic . 3 metres
Birch Rajah Cloth
Birch Rajah Cloth Sale price$11.80 AUD
Birch Serrated Tracing Wheel
Birch Shape to Create Iron On Fusible Fleece . $13.00 metre
Birch Shape to Create Medium Woven Fusible Interfacing . $7.80 metre
Briar Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metreBriar Cotton Block Print . $22.00/metre
Claude Gingham Bella 100% Cotton . $34.00/metreClaude Gingham Bella 100% Cotton . $34.00/metre
Claude Gingham Fawn 100% Cotton.  $34.00/metreClaude Gingham Fawn 100% Cotton.  $34.00/metre
Clover 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge The Gingham StudioClover 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge The Gingham Studio
Clover 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge Sale price$25.10 AUD
Clover Applique PinsClover Applique Pins
Clover Applique Pins Sale price$12.00 AUD
Clover Bias Maker 25mm /1"
Clover Bias Maker 25mm /1" Sale price$15.50 AUD
Clover Black And Gold Needles Sharps
Clover Button hole Cutter
Clover Button hole Cutter Sale price$15.45 AUD
Clover Chaco LinerClover Chaco Liner
Clover Chaco Liner Sale price$13.50 AUD
Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case
Clover Fine Pins
Clover Fine Pins Sale price$16.50 AUD
Clover Flower Head Pins
Clover Flower Head Pins Sale price$6.70 AUD
Clover Hot Hemmer
Clover Hot Hemmer Sale price$32.20 AUD
Clover Hot Hemmer Long
Clover Hot Hemmer Long Sale price$35.00 AUD